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Leadership Matters Keynote @ JCCC Clubs and Organizations Leadership Retreat

All are welcome to join the Clubs &Orgs Leadership Retreat Keynote, Leadership Matters, presented by the founder of Elevate Agency, Jason.  “Jason's Leadership Matters keynote is an engaging and powerful message about the heart of true leadership: authentic and meaningful relationships. Participants discover that when we allow ourselves to open up, to talk about what matters to us, and to create genuine human connections with one another, our potential to individually and collectively change the world becomes limitless. Jason's message centers on these beliefs about leadership:

  • Anyone can learn and practice leadership, regardless of title or position.
  • True leadership begins with the ability to build authentic and meaningful relationships with others.
  • Leadership is about people. If you aren't putting people first, you aren't practicing leadership.”


Tuesday, August 14, 2018
10:00am - 11:00am
CC 211
  Professional Development Days