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In ALICE II, trainers will conduct practical scenarios in a classroom environment.  Trainers will demonstrate the use of infrastructure, communications and ALICE principles and options to react in given situations. Trainers will use low-impact projectiles, such as stress balls or Nerf-type material, to simulate the use of weapons with air-horn sound simulation. Any safety equipment needed will be provided and a review of safety protocols will be discussed prior to the demonstrations.
ALICE II sessions will include:

  • Brief review of ALICE concepts
  • Goals and objectives of the scenarios
  • Safety procedures
  • Two to four scenarios ranging from a traditional lockdown-only strategy to the full use of ALICE concepts, complete with communication, evacuation, counter strategies and lockdown using simple barricading techniques.
  • Question and answer, as time allows


Thursday, August 16, 2018
3:00pm - 4:30pm
PA 145
  Campus & Safety     Professional Development Days  
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Event Organizer

Rachel Haynes