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Experimental Learning: The 5 W's And A Big H

Experiential Learning: The 5 W’s and a BIG H Participants in this interactive session will explore the following questions… Q: WHAT is experiential learning? A: Learning from experience (duh!). Q: WHO can facilitate, participate, and benefit from it? A: Anyone!  Q: WHEN is it appropriate? A: Anytime! Well, maybe not anytime, but close. Q: WHERE can experiential learning take place? A: Anywhere! In the classroom, online, in the workplace… Q: WHY is experiential learning a valid and valuable tool in higher education? A: Because smart people say so! Q: HOW can I implement experiential learning in my courses? A: Find out During Professional Development Days! For more than the short (and silly) answers above, come and participate in experiential learning yourself! Bring additional questions and ideas to share with colleagues!

Thursday, August 17, 2017
1:00pm - 1:50pm
GEB 254
  Professional Development Days  

Event Organizer

Farrell Jenab